LXJS 2013


Matej Nemček / @yangwao


Kto ste boli na zahraničných konferenciách?

Ktoré z nich boli komerčné?

Ktore z nich boli organizované komunitou?

Aké boli veľké?



English community conference


40 speakers

20 mins blocks.js

Venue from 50s




Surf lessons


  • Mobile.js
  • IRL.js
  • Infrastructure.js
  • Game.js
  • Audio.js
  • Physics.js
  • Shipit.js
  • MyStory.js
  • NodeCore
  • Robots.js

Kudos to AV team

Transparency Report

Jed Schmidt

About communities

"Success is measured in how much we give back"
"This is about love, not money, no paid staff or speakers, completely nonprofit"
"We are all responsible for making a difference, diversity brings out the best in us"
"Natural languages and computer languages aren’t that different"
"Abstraction are expensive.."
"Any application that can be written in Javascript will eventually be written in Javascript" - Jeff Atwoods law

Jonathan Lipps

Appium (Node.js-based mobile automation framework)

Laura Kalbag


"Design decisions made in the name of accessibility will largely benefit everyone"

developer == designer

Tim Park

Homeautomation in node.js (nitrogen.js)

Adam Baldwin


"i've published coffescript and I had 2000 downloads in a month"


Rod Vagg

Javascript databases II

"I want to see a time where I can write a persistence function that can run in Node, the browser and anywhere else JavaScript runs." Max Ogden @ LXJS2012

  • LevelDB (key/value store by Google)
  • LevelDB (Basho)
  • HyperLevelDB (HyperDex)
  • LMDB
  • MemDOWN
  • mysqlDOWN
  • ...

Dominic Tarr

What does "Scalable" mean anyway?

scalability != peformance


Mike Brevoort

Thalassa, A System for Continuous Deployment

Orchestration tool for continuous deployment scenarios with dynamic configuration of HAproxy loadbalancer

Michal Budzynski

Thinking outside the box

the secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources -- Einstein(random german dude)

"can we detect some other faces, like our animals?"
He suggests, how to use cat as game controller and tried show future possibilities of browser gaming. (getUserMedia, webGL)

Aral Balkan

data feudalism

"we experience and manipulate the world around us via our devices our devices either empower or enfeeble us."
"When you combine Hardware + Software + Service + Connectivity => Experience"
"Experience is only as strong as its weakest link"

Oli Zilla



  • To see how people are gathering to one place
  • ~200 lines of JS


Full stack framework manages client and server side

Dustin Diaz


"Do whatever you like and don't get caught up too much in tech."

Hannah Wolf


Peter Johnson


"young startups - major mistake, they overarchitect, over engineering, undeliver"
a/b testing, see if it fill market, if it filling goals, just do lot of small things, keep them simple, keep them moving, focus on flexibility.
"If you cant feed your team with two pizzas.Is too big"
"dont be afraid to ship !100% code"
"if you have small userbase, spending two weeks to get application pixelperfect, dont get you same reward"
"aim for success, plan for failure"

James Halliday


code which works in node also works in browser

reason why npm works is that anarchy works

anarchy works very well for publishing

we have so much small pkgs which are rather reused more times

we have philosophy like in unix, where we have little apps are more usefull

(C++)ommunist, #in(c)lude, #require

dotC, put C on npm packages, whatever.c

Raquel Vélez


control robots via javascript


talk to Arduino in JS

Gilles Ruppert

Hardware hacking

Control AR.Drone with Leapmotion

Use robots for demonstrations

Andrew Nesbitt

Nodecopter hacks

Teach kids to control robots

NEXT STEP: Drone Racing

Which conference to choose?

  • jsconfeu
  • jsconf
  • jsunconf
  • realtimeconf
  • full-frontal.org
  • lxjs
  • fronttrends
  • jsconfco
  • nodebots
  • nodecopter
  • lnug
  • britishconf
  • jsconfasia
  • CCC

Purpose of community conferences?

  • focused on humans
  • community give back
  • not about money, do it for fun
  • write helpful tools

Where is Bratislava?